Board of Directors and Staff


President: Maro Gorky, Gorky's daughter

Treasurer: Natasha Gorky Young, Gorky’s daughter

Asst. Treasurer: Melissa Kerr 

Secretary: Matthew Spender


Sarah Plimpton
Sarah Plimpton is a member of the Highstead Foundation (1984-present) and the Paris Review Foundation (2003-present). 

Matthew Spender
Matthew Spender, Gorky’s son-in-law, is a sculptor and writer. His publications include Within Tuscany (1992), From a High Place: A Life of Arshile Gorky (1999) and a new compilation of primary sources on Gorky called Arshile Gorky Goats on the Roof: A Life in Letters and Documents (2009).

Sarah Whitfield
Sarah Whitfield is an art historian, writer and curator. She is co-author of the René Magritte Catalogue Raisonné and a member of the Comité Magritte, the authentication committee set up by the Fondation Magritte in 2000. In addition to her advisory role at the Arshile Gorky Foundation, she recently completed the Catalogue Raisonné of William Scott and serves on the authentication committee for the Estate of Francis Bacon.



Melissa Kerr, Managing Director
Melissa Kerr is the editor of the Arshile Gorky catalogue raisonné and a member of the Arshile Gorky catalogue raisonné committee.  She authored the chronology of Gorky’s life in the exhibition catalogue Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective (Philadelphia Museum of Art and Yale University Press, 2009) and most recently, the catalogue Arshile Gorky (c.1902-1948): Drawings from the 1930s (Patrick Derom Gallery, 2014).


In Memorium

Agnes "Mougouch" Gorky Fielding (June 1921 - June 2013)
Mougouch was Arshile Gorky's wife and mother of his two children, Maro and Natasha.  She was responsible for establishing the Arshile Gorky Foundation in 2005.  A full obituary can be read here